CMO Annual Report 2020- 2021

48 Chief Medical Officer for Scotland Annual Report 2020 -2021 CONCLUSION I know that many of you are feeling weary and for some it goes beyond that. Some of you will feel burnt out. Many of you are continuing under severe pressures due to the unrelenting pace of the pandemic, staff shortages and increasing workload. As we strengthen our efforts to address these challenges at an organisational and policy level, I firmly believe that kindness and compassion towards each other has a vital role to play in improving our wellbeing and our working lives. As we recover, restore and renew our health and care system, with our workforce at front and centre, we can make Scotland an even better place to work. I have outlined just a fraction of the good practice to support our workforce that’s taking place across Scotland, but by working together we can go further. We must continue to focus on providing kind and compassionate leadership, developing diverse, inclusive and positive workplace cultures and supporting our people to deliver the careful and kind care we strive for. Considerations: ■ To provide the best possible care, we need to look after our own wellbeing. How can we look after ourselves and each other better? ■ How can we create and foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture that values respect, civility, kindness and each other? ■ What can we do to encourage development opportunities at work and ensure we have multidisciplinary leadership in the workplace?